Grants support the wider world

In seeking to strengthen the visual arts in the wider Caribbean region, the Davidoff Art Initiative recognizes that providing opportunities for artists to develop their work and gain contacts and exposure is not enough. Cultural organizations too, have pressing needs. Many are constrained in their efforts to exhibit or promote artists because they lack physical, technological, or financial resources to do so.

Throughout the year, Davidoff Art Grants are awarded to Caribbean cultural institutions, schools, not-for-profits, publications, and the like, assisting in the organizations’ respective efforts to provide exposure to and promote Caribbean artists within a local and regional context.


Grants are rewarded five times in a calendar year. This is a continuous program, so interested parties may apply at any point. However, please ensure that the application occurs in adequate time before the desired activity to receive the grant (artist promotion, community event, research etc) begins. Davidoff requires six weeks to process prospective applications. The grant application for Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 is as follows:


Prospective applicants submit their projects online via a dedicated section of Davidoff’s website.

Please ensure that all pertinent information is in place prior to beginning, as the application process must be completed in one go:

Note: incomplete applications will not be considered

The Davidoff team wishes prospective applicants the best of success.

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We are committed to openness and accessibility, to ensure that our services as a community are possible for all. To that end, we realize some applicants may have experienced barriers when conceiving grant applications in the past. If you anticipate difficulties within the Davidoff Art Grant application process, or if you would like to learn more than what is written here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Davidoff Art Grants is a competitive program. Please consider alternate means if we cannot fund your activity.